The Hansel Family

The Hansel Family

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Virtual Garage Sale Fundraiser!

Most of you know I love Craigs List and eBay shopping, and at the risk of sounding prideful, I get really, really great deals.  I often buy things for cheap that I know will sell, and resell them at make a little extra money.  These past six months, I've been doing just that, to add to the jar.  From bikes to strollers and some electronics. 

This evening I was thinking... do you have those items in your garage that you've been meaning to sell but haven't quite gotten around to it yet?  Would you love for someone to sell it for you, take the pictures, list it, mail it, do the meet and buy?  I'd be happy to help!  You can donate a percentage of the sale to our adoption jar in return!

Here are a few ideas of things that sell well:

- bikes
- sporting goods (skis)
- brands: Patagonia, Obermeyer, North Face, Keens, Bogs
- electronics (old iphones or ipods or computers)
- unused gift cards
- furniture

Let me know if you're ready to clear out that space and help us bring our little guy home!

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