The Hansel Family

The Hansel Family

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our Announcement Letter to Friends and Family

October 2012
Dear Friends & Family,

It is with great excitement, severe humility, and joy that we announce what’s next for the Hansel family.  We are beginning the process of adoption! 

Our hearts have been drawn to Uganda, though we are also talking with representatives in our adoption agency, Lifeline Children’s services, about the Congo and Ethiopia.  We will be pursuing a little boy to add to our family, hopefully under the age of two.  We believe that the birth order of Jett, Maggie, and Faye is very important and want to disrupt their lives as little as possible through this process.  We have begun to explain it to them. However, the length of the adoption process is very unknown, so we seek to not get their hopes up just yet.  Jett, with his tender heart, believes this little guy should sleep right next to him, and we should let Jett give him his bottle at night.  Our prayer is that God will begin to prepare their hearts just as he’s been doing in ours since April.  We don’t go into this lightly, we can only imagine the toll it may take, and are asking that you join us in prayer as well, for discernment, safety, and health, and for the little guy that God chooses to add to our family.

Our goal is to bring this little boy home.  Our hearts dream about him at night and we talk about him during the day, but we’ll need your help to make this a reality in our life.  We all know that adoption can be financially draining. And while we are saving, scrimping, working hard, and exploring options we are planning on doing this debt free. We would sincerely appreciate any help you can offer:

  • A photo shoot in our benefit!  Page Kuepper will be donating the proceeds to two photo shoots on the weekend of October 27th & 28th.  Please see the attached flyer!
  • A December Party With a Purpose!  Please see attached flyer!
  • A FB status campaign day: I’ll post on my page, asking 100 of you to give $1, and I’ll ask you to repost, asking 100 of your friends to give $1.
  • A spring 5k!  This is still in the works… if you are involved with running, know someone who has race planned before, have ideas, or would be a great spokesperson for this kind of thing, again, we would appreciate your help!
  • Donations.  If you feel led to contribute to our adoption, in any amount, you can do so with cash or check, or through our Paypal account:

Thank you so much for your prayers and support in this process.  To keep up with us in this journey, we’ll be updating a blog:  We are so grateful for you and can’t wait to bring this little boy home!

The Hansels

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