The Hansel Family

The Hansel Family

Sunday, October 7, 2012

a jar

We have a jar, that is empty right now.  Its been on our counter for quite a few months, and we've worked hard to fill it with coins, dollar bills, and the like.  We've sold stuff, and gone without, to fill this  jar.  We have since moved what was in the jar to a bank account with the intention of it being "the adoption bank account".  And now this jar sits on our counter, waiting to be filled.  I think about it and how we're going to fill it a lot.  Our family still has needs that we must attend to while we wait for this adoption to progress.  We have to be strategic about where the money comes from, and this is my biggest hurdle in my faith.  God has never left us hungry or in need, even in our darkest moments.  He has ALWAYS come through - so you'd think I'd trust him for this massive need in proceeding with what he has called us to do.  I lack the faith to see how he's going to do it, I mean really, He's going to have to get pretty stinkin creative.  What I don't lack is the fact that He will do it.  Interesting concept huh?  Stay tuned...

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