The Hansel Family

The Hansel Family

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

loaves and fish

It is quite humbling to ask for money. It is not something I take lightly. With every dollar handed to us to support this adoption, I am blessed beyond measure.

When we started this, I knew God was going to have to take our meeger means and grow them greatly. It would be no small feat to get to the amount of money needed to bring this little guy home, however, I have no doubt that He can do it.  And I'm willing to do anything, just as I would for the three tucked in their beds (ok our bed) under our roof currently.

We are not in this for anything but to serve our mighty God.  He has placed theses desires of our hearts to have a larger family, loud and fun, that seeks after Him.  What greater gift to give our children than to expose them to this world? To give them a greater loving capacity for His heart. And the blessing in return? To watch this child grow and become a part of our family, and change us for the better.

We need $750 more to finish paying for the home study portion of our adoption.  Then comes the grant writing portion.  After the home study, we will need another $10-$15,000 more. That number seems in fathomable. But to Him who is able to do infinitely more than we ever dreamed or imagined be the glory.

Thank you, from the depths of my soul for your support in this journey. Your prayers and words of encouragement bless us daily.

Here are some ways to currently support us, if you have other ideas, please share!

- buy a bracelet ($10) and spread the word, the more people we reach the better
- order a custom frame, 8x10s are $50
- drop off your kid or dog, we'll gladly love on them
- order coffee
- get sponsored for a race
- sponsor someone racing (I can connect you with a fabulous friend who is seeking sponsorships)
- spare change, drop it in a jar and share it with us

Email me if you have questions!

Monday, January 28, 2013

in it

I met a mom of 5 this weekend, two biological children, and three adopted.  I love the connection you make instantly.

Her best words of encouragement, love the family you have now.

Be content.  The right kiddo will be placed in your family at the right time, because the right funding was in place and we were living in the right house, and ... the list goes on.

We are doing a good job with the paperwork it takes to make this happen, methodically going through the steps.  I like check lists and task lists, and lists in general, so it makes sense to me.

I do however, relate it to stages in life.  I love the ages my three are now.  Its fun and challenging and exciting and exhausting.  I'd like to pause time.  But I also know I loved the stages they were at a few months ago, and the stages they'll be at a few months, years, and decades from now.  Because they're them.  And all the excitement and challenges and love that will grow from adding this new life to our family.

Whole heartedly living now, whole heartedly longing for whats to come.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Connected Child

Everyone I talk to and everything I read point to this book in adoption. I'm excited to read it!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

let your faith be bigger than your fear

There are days, that I doubt everything.  It's not an easy road.  A big part of adoption, is having your life be an open book, to be judged as to whether or not you will be a suitable family for the little boy you dream about.

This week I had a psychological evaluation done.  After a brief conversation with the psychologist, I sat down for a 567 true or false questionnaire.  Supposedly, this would determine any diagnoses.  Luckily, I passed - no diagnosis :) Bob's is in two weeks.

On Monday, we will have our first home visit of four.  She'll spend time with us, interview us, tour our home, etc. While we have nothing to hide and have three fantastic kiddos, it can still be a little nerve racking.

I've had some really hard conversations with some of you (if you even read this blog), questioning our decision.  All of these questions I ask myself a thousand times over in my head, daily.  Will our marriage stand up to the trials of another child?  Will we crumble financially?  Can we handle the process?  What special needs will he have?  Is this really what you want God?  We don't own our house, we have two older cars, very little savings, and work really hard for one of us to be with the kids, which leaves little room for comforts.

My biggest fear?  The money.  It has such potential to direct the length of time this process will take.  God keeps reminding me that he is bigger than this, but there are days I fail to trust him with it.  In my darkest moments, I'm reminded, with a check in the mail or an alert on my phone from someone has seen our story or believes in what we're doing, and I'm reminded he's got this.  We have a warm house, a never-give up marriage, a bedroom for him to share with a very excited brother, TWO cars, a savings account, and one of us gets to be with our kids.  He can do this.  My faith is not in the process, the money, whether you believe we should do this or the judgement of a social worker that walks through our home.  My faith is in the One that is leading us through all these things to bring us to this little boy, as we seek after His heart.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Bracelets are $10 and all the money goes towards funding our adoption!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

training #1

Bob and I drove to Ft. Collins yesterday, not knowing what was in store for a 9am-4pm training on adoption.  This was training #1, there will be three.  One in February and one in March.  I'm looking forward to them both.  On the drive home, Bob said it was worth missing the Bronco's in the playoffs.  I love my husband.
It was heavy information, but valuable.  It should be a must for all parents before they even have biological children.  The premise was "don't be scared, become prepared".  Knowledge is power right?  We learned so much yesterday, about special needs kiddos, neglect, abuse, and trauma, self-assessments, attachment, and all the resources available.  How the brain reacts, the durability of these kids, and the way their lives can change when they come home is amazing.
We feel like we're "in" it now, it feels real.  Our first home visit (there will be four) is next Monday.  We met our social worker yesterday and like her as well.  Good thing, she'll be doing our post placement visits, once this guy is home too.
To complete the home study, we'll need another $1200.  There are many ways to help:
- race the GO St. Louis half with this team
- pick any race and ask for sponsors
- buy a $10 HANSEL ADOPTION TEAM bracelet
- buy a barnwood, walnut, or beetle kill frame
- let us babysit for you
- donate something we can sell (declutter people, it feels great!)

Have any other great ideas that we haven't thought of?  Email me please!

We are so grateful for all of you, we are so grateful for this unbelievable journey.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

How's the adoption going?

It's a common, every day question.  It's going :) Today, I shower at home.  It's a little weird, to be out the door and not dressed like I'm going to a gym where I'll run, bike, or swim and then shower.  Bob and I head to Ft. Collins today for an all day class.  I'm excited about our first class, a requirement of the home study.  I get giddy when I drop yet another piece of mail in the mailbox to request a certified copy of something.  We'll also be scheduling all of our visits today with our social worker, who will write our home study.    While I'm not a patient person by nature, I do understand the process of this.  The kids are starting to too.  They know our guy doesn't come home tomorrow.  Last night, laying in bed with Maggie, I was explaining where we were going today.  She asked if other people, who wanted to bring home a baby, would be there too.  She gets it, as much as her sweet almost 5 year old mind can. I wonder how to prepare their hearts.  I wonder if I even have to.  We have amazing kids, and they'll be amazing siblings, just like they already are.  Willing to love and comfort one another, and one more.