The Hansel Family

The Hansel Family

Saturday, January 12, 2013

How's the adoption going?

It's a common, every day question.  It's going :) Today, I shower at home.  It's a little weird, to be out the door and not dressed like I'm going to a gym where I'll run, bike, or swim and then shower.  Bob and I head to Ft. Collins today for an all day class.  I'm excited about our first class, a requirement of the home study.  I get giddy when I drop yet another piece of mail in the mailbox to request a certified copy of something.  We'll also be scheduling all of our visits today with our social worker, who will write our home study.    While I'm not a patient person by nature, I do understand the process of this.  The kids are starting to too.  They know our guy doesn't come home tomorrow.  Last night, laying in bed with Maggie, I was explaining where we were going today.  She asked if other people, who wanted to bring home a baby, would be there too.  She gets it, as much as her sweet almost 5 year old mind can. I wonder how to prepare their hearts.  I wonder if I even have to.  We have amazing kids, and they'll be amazing siblings, just like they already are.  Willing to love and comfort one another, and one more.

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