The Hansel Family

The Hansel Family

Thursday, April 25, 2013

we can do hard things

There is nothing we love more than our children. Jett, Maggie, and Faye have taught us to love challenges.

I thrive on feeling uncomfortable. I strive for workouts daily that exhaust me and leave me feeling every muscle for hours after. I'm also beginning to understand and appreciate recovery as a tool for getting stronger, where there is rest there is growth.

When you translate that to family life, Bob and I know that hard work, loving our kids well, staying up with a sick kiddo or to work, stretching ourselves for the needs of  each other, constantly, does too, need it's rest time.  We know what God calls us to do, and is calling us to do, is stripping us of our selfishness and our pride.  And it's hurt, still will for awhile, or in another season with other challenges.  But this kind of hurt is good.  After all, he promises to bend, and not break us.  He hasn't given us more than we can handle, though some times it's felt like it!  I'd like to say our "on hold" time could be wrapped up in a nice little box and left there, but the truth is, it's been messy, and scarey, and exhausting, and well worth the place we are now.  The lesson?  We won't deny the mess of it, but be grateful He makes that mess beautiful.

We would love your continued prayerful support of our family, as we get back on this journey of adoption.  And in the following ways if you feel led:

Our next class is May 4th, any takers for three fun kiddos for the day while we are in Fort Collins?

We'll be doing an online "31" bag party with details on my Facebook page.

Let's get the garage sale back and rolling!!! 
When: Sunday, June 2, 2013
Donations appreciated up until Thursday, May 30

Are you doing a race this summer?  Please contact me if you'd be interested in raising funds from your friends and family for ours!

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