The Hansel Family

The Hansel Family

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

we're still here.

And we're still moving.  Moving toward what God planned and nothing we could have ever dreamed up.  Some days it feels like it's a snail's pace, some days we feel like we're making real progress.  But we trust that it is his timing, and not ours.

This weekend is our volunteer team at the Boulder 70.3 triathlon.  Ironman gives grants to groups who work their races and we are super excited to be well staffed and ready to go on Sunday to receive it!  It's a big step forward financially, which is what we need.

These next few months are going to need to be filled with financially fulfilling fundraisers.  With our home study nearly done (it's shy of 4 documents that should be in the mail and 1 training session in September), we are about to encounter big numbers in our fee schedule for our placement agency.  The sooner these numbers are met, the sooner we are able to bring that little guy into our family.  AND WE NEED YOUR IDEAS!  How do we reach this goal?  What have you seen done in the past, that works?  We'll do what it takes to get there, this is our child, and we'll get him home with your help.

Your prayers are appreciated this week, as always, as we have a big decision to make.  We're certain God will direct the path we go down and know that's he's got this, not in anyway I had ever imagined, but in his good, and perfect plan.

We're still here.  And we're really glad you are too.

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