The Hansel Family

The Hansel Family

Friday, November 2, 2012


Host a party! Any kind of party…..BBQ, Luncheon, Wine and Cheese, Playdate, Cookie Trade, Football, ….whatever sounds fun to you.
Invite guests to your party. Our goal is to help the Hansel’s cast their fundraising network far and wide. Each host accesses a group of friends that is not common to other hosts.
Ask your guests to make a con-tribution to the Hansel Adoption Project.
Time: Chosen by Each Host
Date: November/December
Let your guests know on the invitation that the party has a fundraising goal.
Spending time with friends is important. Invitees should know, there will be no pressure to write a check.
You know your friends best. Suggest a donation amount you feel would be appropriate.
GOAL: 20 Parties
Hosting Tips
Party With a Purpose!
Hansel Adoption Project
Let Erin and Bob know if this type of support speaks to you!
Email Erin,, to help you get started planning!

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